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Hello Everyone!                                                                     3-21-2014

Please read on to learn how to fill your ASP account with FREE CREDITS! Thanks in advance for your time today.

We have a great new Surf Party Host here at AutoSurfPro. FairPennyBids is unleashing a very nice free gift at ASP for all who take the time to check out their Auction site. We all know how fun and exciting auctions are so please, visit the site and show your support, then claim your free gift at AutoSurfPro!

Simply go here: https://fairpennybids.com

Look around the site and check it out. (Please leave the site open for a minimum of 5 minutes on your desktop, the longer you leave it up the better, even if minimized). Then email me (webmaster@autosurfpro.com) with a subject line of "I visited the host!" I will then place a nice 5,000 free credits in your ASP account! * PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR LOGIN NAME AT ASP!*

Want 25,000 FREE HITS?!?!?! Sign up at the site and get involved by purchasing even the smallest bid package and we will place 25,000 Free Hits in your ASP account! Simply forward your Paypal receipt for the Bid Package to webmaster@autosurfpro.com and not only will you get the 25,000, you will also get the 5,000 free hits mentioned above. That's 30,000 free hits!!! * PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR LOGIN NAME AT ASP!*

Folks please remember to surf ASP daily if you can. It will help us all. If you surf and download an alexa toolbar, it will help all members raise their alexa rankings. Go to http://alexa.com and get the free toolbar and surf ASP with it as often as possible. Help other ASP Members and they will help you! Working together, we have great power!

Here is your ASP surf URL to earn free hits and have your sites listed with us exposed to all members: http://www.autosurfpro.com/cgi-bin/run.cgi?userid=[[login]]

Thanks for your time today and please let me know if I can help you in any way!