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2-16-2012: New Terms to help you! Please read over carefully. I have made many changes to our Sister Site program in January 2012 so folks involved own their site completely, get to keep 100% of the monthly profits (formerly was 51%), and server fees have been lowered from $35 to $19.95 monthly. The cost of the program has also been reduced to $98 help insure everyone who wants to run a surf can afford it. We have also included your own stand alone TopMemberAds mod Free so your members can run their own unique text header ads at your site, just like you see above and at AutoSurfPro! Thanks for reading - Brian Flucker

Hello Fellow Surfer,

Advertising is an incredibly dynamic segment on the internet. Countless Billions of dollars are being spent for advertising on the net every year! Thousands of Auto Surfs have opened to fill these traffic demands. Strong programs, with level headed management are needed to capitalize on something almost everyone who uses the internet, needs.. Site Traffic! You become part of a multi billion dollar a year industry for PENNIES A DAY!
Avoid the mistakes that have cost honest people time, and hard earned money. If you are considering starting an Auto Surf, you need not re-invent the wheel, or experiment with scripts and policies that may eventually cost you your business. A partnership with Brian Flucker and AutoSurfPro can yield the income your continued commitment will deserve!
You need not be a computer geek, you need not know html. Your responsibility will be marketing the service, managing its customers, maintaining its accounts, monitoring the site rotation and the sites over all quality in general. We will provide the program, the server, do all the editing of pages within the site, help you implement any ideas you have, handle all needed technical, server type interaction.  Your earnings will be a fantastic

Your monthly overhead is next to nothing. $19.95 per month for the Server the program will reside on. Your server payments will remain at $19.95 for years or more. Once your site grows and needs a more dedicated server, we will make that decision together. It should be noted that when a new server is needed, we would be generating a lot of business to afford the move!

Our first goal after the site is up will be getting the support of free members needed to begin going after upgraded, paying clients. This will allow us to quickly obtain a positive cash flow. We will offer upgrades immediately and I will show you how to make sure these customers are taken care of, even though your site might be brand new.

The benefits of running a Sister Site with Brian Flucker and AutoSurfPro are enormous. As we develop new technologies and avenues to enhance our services, these modifications to our existing program are transferred to our Sister sites. So, you get free site enhancements as soon as they are tested and developed. Members who have been around since are inception are well aware we are not your average auto surf. We continue to develop and expand our marketplace. We implement new modalities all the time that enhance our user interface.

We are looking for people who realize the potential in our services. You will no longer need to be affiliated with 20 or 30 companies in an effort to make an income online. You can certainly run as many affiliate sites as you like, but realize Companies and individuals involved with these organizations will now seek you for your services, and pay you for them! Remember you will run this site and can run as many of your own offers within it as you like.
Sister Sites are $98.00. Please contact me for payment instructions to order.

* Your server expense comes to about a 0.67 cents a day, possibly making our sister site program one of the most affordable home based business options available.

* Please note you are also gifted a $10 per month Gold Upgrade from Brian Flucker and AutoSurfPro.

Refunds for Sister Sites are not available. Please do not purchase a Sister Site until you are completely ready to start earning and working at home! It takes a lot of time and money to get a new site online. For this reason we can not make refunds. It will usually take 2-5 days (although typically less) to have your site ready and online, Fully open for business!

Together, we can determine the domain name for your new site after your payment is received. You will purchase and own the domain name outright, giving you ultimate control of your site. We have plenty of ideas on this subject, but also want your involvement because this is YOUR SITE! There may also be an existing sister needing a new partner.  Feel free to contact me if this option interests you and to see if any are available. I will contact you via email once we receive your payment and we can get started. Thank you for choosing our services!

Have a great day!

Brian Flucker
Please e-mail brian@autosurfpro.com

Phone: (843) 685-4803