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The Surf Party is our most valuable asset on ASP. Our Members appreciate the generosity of a host, and they respond! The center banner on our surf console thats pictured above receives around 300,000 exposures to our surfers, every single day! Your offer is also linked throughout the site.

When combining things our members already value ( like free hits, free pro memberships, or downline bundles ) With a Hosts offer, amazing results, and an immediate stimulus to almost any campaign can be achieved. Pro membership prizes and downline bundles to be offered would be charged at half the normal price to a host offering them as prizes for paid sign ups etc..and is over and above any charge quoted.

The lower the cost of your product, the better I can do for you. Expensive products or services do fine, But, if you planned on offering something that is inexpensive or free, look forward to breaking any sales records you have previously recorded :)

We will even create all the points pages and images needed for the event.

Email with any questions. Please add the subject line "Surf Party Host" and you will get the next available event.

Here is what some former Hosts and Customers Have said about the Events :)

Auto Surf Pro (dot com) is a website owned and operated by Brian Flucker of Conway SC since July 2002, Formerly from Evans City Pa. While you may find one or two sites attempting to falsely accuse me of scamming people, I proudly maintain a A+ rating (the highest available) at the only site that counts when it comes to knowing who your dealing with, and that site is the Better Business Bureau. Check this out for yourself here at the BBB. How many scammers do you know that list their name and phone number on their website? Brian Flucker and Auto Surf Pro has also been reviewed at Alexa .com. Go to it and click on the reviews tab.

Auto Surf Pro has processed Thousands of upgrades and proudly accepts all major credit cards. They few people out of over 35,000 existing members who slander my name on the web are simply unreasonable customers I decided not to deal with. I do not like being bossed around or treated rudely by Free Members who make demands and threaten me. I treat all people with the kindness they deserve until they act rudely. Then, I may choose to delete or suspend their accounts, and trouble can ensue. My hope is that all users will enjoy the traffic they get from auto surf pro. My passion is to be the fastest responding traffic exchange on the internet. So give us a try and see for yourself.

Sincerely Yours,

Brian K Flucker

AutoSurfPro Brian K Flucker TESTIMONIALS:

We appreciate our valued members sounding off and letting us know when we are doing things right. It will always be our goal to provide the most care free surfing experience on the internet. Our members not only deserve the very best, they actually get it!

Here is what some of our fine members, free and upgraded alike have to say about AutoSurfPro:

Hey Brian Flucker,

You know, there are only a handful of people I have
been doing biz with for more than 6 months at the time. I
have been with you over 2 yrs now I think.

I can see this remaining so for my lifetime. Few
people can REALLY say the leave a legacy. Even fewer
can see their legacy in their lifetime as they live.

You and ASP are one of the true marvels of web
marketing and home biz Brian Flucker, and I am glad I can say
I knew you when, and call you a friend now.


Hi Brian Flucker,
I've been away since February due computer problems and a very hectic work schedule:( However I see that the group is doing GREAT and I personally have over 2 million sending credits with a downline of over 3000! :) This was due to all the benefits for being a Cobalt at ASP! Brian has sent me commissions On Time every month since my mishap and work change. He is one of the only honorable webmasters left on the net and I have been in a LOT of programs. Since I left quite a few of the programs I was in are now gone. Many of which I had commissions
that never arrived and now they are gone. Which made me write this e-mail to my favorite downline and favorite surfing program. - Tim Miller

We never have to touch it. It runs and runs. Our subscription executes
automatically each month and the traffic comes. No hassles. And when we took
down a site that wasn't performing Brian Flucker gently reminded us that we needed to
remove it from the list.

Thanks again,
Rose & Brian
I have been with ASP and
Brian Flucker for two years now and have had great success with his site and my programs...but nothing even comes close to what has just happened to me now! I began my own traffic exchange and had my surf party with ASP to broaden my members base quickly...and the first day I tripled my members and was amazed beyond my dreams! I knew I would increase my members because that is what an ASP surf party is made for but I had no idea that so many of them would be joining me at my new site! I want to thank

Brian Flucker once again for making my ventures the best and biggest success from the beginning that one could ever ask for! - Donnette Nelson
Thank You
Brian Flucker! Your Weekly Letter was **** good! I really don't know what to say, when I reserved the surf party I really didn't expect this kind of service! Best Regards Cobalt Member,

Atle M.

Brian Flucker, you know what through all the emails between me and you I can say you are the best support I have ever gotten between affiliate programs, you have patience, and I know your out just to help people like I am, as you can see I try different sites that I build or either affiliate some are incompatible or some work in the rotation, but you were the most patient one with me.....

Thanks allot, I nominate
Brian Flucker for the best service of the year!
-Free Member, Terrance C.
Your the best. I am getting tons of signups for everything I promote on ASP!
-Ron Saunders
Brian Flucker,

Just wanted to let you know that I've just upgraded to Associate! I wanted to let you know why -- because you are so generous and honest --even to free members. Can't wait to get my website really going and promoting AUTOSURFPRO.

Best wishes,
This system is simply amazing.. Thank you
Brian Flucker for running a clean autosurf...I don't
even bother using the popup killer :)
Platinum Member -Egil H.
Thanks for making such an excellent service available to us.
Free Member, Dwight W.

Back to Back Surf Parties!, Reviewer: Tim Miller aka: marketadvisor 63 signups in 2 different programs in 2 weeks! These are all active members!! Forget the weekend part of the surfparty. These surf parties run on time every time from Friday 5pm until Friday 4pm the following week. You are the host and your site is the site to join. It's that simple, people join your program. The owner Brian Flucker is an ace. AutoSurfPro is the Best of the Best!

Brian Flucker!... Wow!, Reviewer: Heather Garcia Auto Surf Pro has brought a tremendous amount of extra traffic and hits to my site. It's nice to find a solid working program! I've been searching endlessly now and have finally found a company that can back up what they promise. The Internet can be so impersonal at times and it's nice to make contact with a great company and Webmaster. Brian has taught me the ins and outs about auto surfing and generating attention to my site. Last week I hosted a "SURF PARTY"... (One of Brian's brilliant ideas)... and quickly sold 22 positions in my primary company. Surf Parties are just one of many tools and ideas that you will find at Auto Surf Pro... Heather Garcia HONEYFROG.COM

Surf Party Rules, Reviewer: Steve Stanton Auto Surf Pro exchange is the best I have used so far. Brian Flucker the webmaster is an excellent guy. The Surf Party is of great value, I received over 20 sign-ups to my websites during my hosting. I have been a values member for along time. Keep up the great work Bro!!! I recommend to everyone. Surfparty is a brilliant idea, for all you guys interested in getting some quick sign-ups the surf parties are worth every penny spent. Proud ASP user. Steve Stanton, Webmaster/Pro-Networker, LeadTargeting/NewAccounts, Team Leader,

*Extra!* *Extra!* Auto Surf Pro Delivers...., Reviewer: Steven Martin Auto Surf Pro exchange is the best I have used so far. Brian Flucker "Surf Party" does what it is designed to do. They get your product or service advertise to REAL consumers. I hosted a surf party with them and received 34 signups to my site in very little time. Auto Surf Pro is for the serious Internet Marketer. Steven Martin

Best on the web!!, Reviewer: Cassandra Adriana Mason Autosurfpro is the BEST program I ever used (seen)on the web. It has a webmaster Brian Flucker that really care about the people using the program and the surf party's are out of this world!!! What else can I say..once you join ASP you need to look no further.

Thanks for looking at our testimonials. If I can be of service to you, please let me know.

Brian K. Flucker

Brian K Flucker webmaster(at)
Brian Flucker brian(at)
Auto Surf Pro fluckerasp(at)


It basically becomes our top priority to convince over 22,500 Autosurf members to take advantage of the hosts offer.

The basic charge for an event is $250.oo This includes all the points we will distribute and leverage to have people try your product or service. Reserve now here:

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Thank YOU for helping make ASP the best it can be by surfing today!

Brian Flucker

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